18 Aug

Gowanus Panoramas

Dynamic panorama of the industrial landscape at work…the view is like looking back in time, looking now and into the future all at the same time past, present and future?

Docks, basins, bulkheads and industrial buildings, on one of the first man made waterways in the U.S.A. The waterway was channelized in 1866.

These structures provide a unique link to NYC and the Nations industrial past and the present. We see from this vista 2 concrete plants making cement for much of the industrial uses in New York City. These companies still use the canal to transport  their materials. The scrap metal plant does too.

The canal possess a continuity of sites that make up an historically significant industrial area.

The shape of the waterway bending North retains the 19th century commercial waterway and reveals the poetry of the open space, plein-air, and the strength of industry combined with the grit of the working class, the strength of industry.

Beauty in seeing the strength of the working class making useful things.

This is powerful.  A place to meditate on the past, and contemplate the future.





One thought on “Gowanus Panoramas

  1. This last image captures both the coal packets and the Kentile Sign which were dismantled in the first year of the deBlasio administration, just as Councilman Lander got his “Bridging Gowanus” into full swing.

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